About Us

The name Coffee & Fumes began as a joke among friends and family. When asked how one person balanced life with family while pursuing writing, candle making, resin, photography, painting, and more - the answer was usually, "Lots of coffee and fumes." And just like that, the name was born and the dream began...


The whole idea started as yet another hobby tacked onto a ever-growing list of hobbies roughly in the summer of 2019. Dipping our toes into some basic candle-making kits found online, we found ourselves calmed by the melting wax and comforted by some of the trial-sized scents (not all of them, of course - we're looking at you, Chocolate Mint, which smelled more like a vat of chemicals). 

Over time, our hobby brought us to researching different waxes and scents, learning how to blend our own unique aromas. There was a lot of trial and error, but once we found the right ingredients, inspiration was unleashed! 

In early 2020, the loss of a family member shook the family. Knowing how scents can evoke memories and bring comfort, we began custom blending a variety of scents to create the perfect 'In Memory' candle to honor that person. With a few tweaks, we managed to blend the scents they loved to perfection and it embodied them to a T. The candle was our Christmas gift to every family unit. The family members closest to our lost one have said the scent brought their presence forward, bringing them some sense of peace and comfort during their mourning. This was motivation to continue.

We branched out to fandoms, such as Supernatural, Timeless, Critical Role, and D&D. Ideas continued to flow, notes were jotted down hastily, and scents were brewing to perfection. Now, we have several carefully crafted candle scents that are found nowhere else but Coffee & Fumes. 

But that wasn't enough. We decided to do something incredibly unique with each candle: color marbling. We didn't want solid colored candles or straight white. We wanted to bring as much uniqueness to the colors and scents as your fandom memories would. Each scent and marbling is unique. No two candles are marbled the same. The color has a mind of its own as it swirls entrancingly into the wax. (We promise, they are not mimics!)

Over three years of testing, creating, learning - we hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do - regardless of the fandom that brought you here. You're unique and your candle experience should be, too.