Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

There are so many appealing scents - which one is your favorite?

Everyone's scent preferences are different.  We have our favorites, but they may not be the same as yours.  We suggest choosing the tealight sampler so you can choose your top five most appealing scents and discover your own favorites.

I have a strawberry scent allergy.  Which candles should I avoid?

If you suffer from scent allergies, please contact us before placing a candle order.  Because our scents are custom blended, it can be difficult for you to identify which scents to avoid.  We want to ensure that none of our products will cause allergic reactions in those who have scent sensitivities.

Where are you located? 

We are located the Houston, Texas area in the United States.

Who are your shipping partners?

Due to the recent delays in service introduced by the United States Postal Service, at this time we have opted to partner exclusively with UPS and DHL for our shipping needs.

 Do you offer international shipping?

Yes!  We will gladly ship outside of the United States.  However, we are unable to collect any duties, import taxes, or other related fees associated with international shipping. These fees are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, so keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Shipping costs can vary widely and are dependent on many factors, most importantly the destination country.  We are using negotiated rates to calculate the most economical shipping costs to your countries and are only charging you what the carriers are charging us.

The timing of delivery is wholly dependent on several factors beyond our control, such as destination country, time of year, pandemic-related delays, and the like. 

What is the total burn time on your candles?

Our 12-ounce candles burn for 30 or more hours.  Make sure you trim your wicks every time before you burn your candles to maximize your burn time, to achieve the cleanest burn, and to get the best scent throw.  Be sure to burn for at least one hour with each lighting to decrease tunneling, but do not burn for longer than three hours to avoid accidental fires.

    Your candles smell SO good.  How do they taste?

    Under no circumstances may you ingest the candles.  Regardless of how alluring, mouthwatering, or amazing the smell or candle name is, these are, in fact, candles, not edibles.  Candles are friends, not food.  Nothing good will come from eating or drinking candles.  Just don't do it.

    Privacy policy

      We promise not to sell or otherwise use your information other than to fulfill your order.  We hate it when people use our information in an inappropriate manner, and we will safeguard your information in the same way we safeguard our own.

        Unique products

        Each product is uniquely hand crafted.  No two will ever be identical.  Part of the crafting process mayintroduce minor unintentional imperfections or small defects, such as bubbles.  Such imperfections should not impact the utility of the product.

        Digital displays differ in brightness and color intensity.  The color of the products you receive may differ slightly from the vibrancy of the photograph you saw when placing your order on-line.


          Candle & Fumes uses third party shippers to get our products to you as quickly as we can. We rely on our shipping partners to meet their shipping commitments, both in terms of timing and products arriving intact.  We cannot be held responsible for shipping delays beyond our control.

          We package our products carefully to protect against any accidental shipping damage.  Should your product be damaged in transit, please contact us so we may work with you to come to a satisfactory resolution.

          The United States Postal Service has announced surcharges and shipping slowdowns for the foreseeable future.  Coffee and Fumes has chosen to use UPS and DHL as our preferred shipping partners at this time.

          Return policy

            Due to the handmade nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns.  If there is a problem with your order, please contact us via direct message on Twitter @CoffeeFumes or by email at

              Fire safety

              Always observe safe fire habits and handle your candles with the utmost of care.  Here are some safety requirements for using your candles:

              • Always trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting.
              • Never leave a burning flame unattended.
              • Do not burn on a flammable surface or near any flammable objects, such as drapes or paper products.
              • Keep out of reach of all children and pets.
              • Do not burn for more than two hours.
              • Do not move the candle after lighting it - the candle will be hot to touch!
              • Fully extinguish the flame before walking away.
              • For candles containing foil-wrapped mystery dice affixed to the bottom, should premature dislodging happen, please immediately remove from the candle to avoid potential fire hazards.