Jester's Spiritual Weapon

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There is simply nothing more satisfying than the sweet sugary smell of a giant spiral lollipop just before it crushes your skull.  As a bonus action... technically...

Scent profile: sweet, fruit, floral

Scent notes include: cotton candy, vanilla, red wine

All Critical Role themed candles include a die wrapped in foil within the wax.

Should the die prematurely dislodge from the bottom, please immediately remove from the candle to avoid potential fire hazards.

  • This 12-ounce double-wicked candle is mixed, poured, and marbled lovingly by hand.  The marbling of each candle is unique and one of a kind - no two candles will look the same.  Color richness will vary.
  • All scents are custom proprietary blends designed to evoke scenes and memories from some of your favorite worlds.
  • This Critical Role inspired candle is not affiliated in any capacity with Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, or the Critical Role franchise or its creators.  This product is not officially licensed merchandise.