Mason's Lifeboat

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Despite a thorough cleaning, the lingering scents of missions past still cling to the leather seats within the time machine. But when the alarms start to sound, climb in for an adventure of a lifetime! It's completely safe. Possibly. Maybe. Just ignore the smoke.

Scent profile: spice, wood, smoke

Scent notes include: incense, vanilla, smoke

  • This 12-ounce double-wicked candle is mixed, poured, and marbled lovingly by hand.  The marbling of each candle is unique and one of a kind - no two candles will look the same.  Color richness will vary.
  • All scents are custom proprietary blends designed to evoke scenes and memories from some of your favorite worlds.
  • This Timeless inspired candle is not affiliated in any capacity with NBC or the Timeless franchise or creators.  This product is not officially licensed merchandise.