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"Sammy! Sweet potatoes!" Okay, there's no sweet potatoes in this delicious butterscotch vanilla swirled pudding, but it is still very much Dean-approved!

Scent profile: sweet, creamy, rich

Scent notes include: french vanilla, butterscotch

  • This 12-ounce double-wicked candle is mixed, poured, and marbled lovingly by hand.  The marbling of each candle is unique and one of a kind - no two candles will look the same.  Color richness will vary.
  • All scents are custom proprietary blends designed to evoke scenes and memories from some of your favorite worlds.
  • This Supernatural inspired candle is not affiliated in any capacity with the Supernatural franchise or its creators.  This product is not officially licensed merchandise.

Customer Reviews

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Had to try this !

I got the tea-lite sampler to try this scent and others. It’s a creamy, sweet scent that takes me back to the days of homemade ( from scratch not a box ) Pudding!

Best gift ever!

I brought this for my friend as a birthday gift, they haven't stopped thanking me since and are so excited to use it!

They love the marbling and have sent me so many overjoyed pictures of the candles haha, such a magical gift!

You can see these candles are made with love and dedication, truly wonderful 🧡


Wonderful scent!

MS Eddy
I love Pudding!

What a delicious scent! Perfect for any day and that creamy lightly sweet pudding smell. Quality candle which has nice texture, steady wicks and is just the right 'strength'.